manufacturing data hub

the rhize platform

Turn insight into action with the Rhize platform. The core stack gives manufacturers everything they need to get a standardized data model of their entire organization.

ISA-95 Standard

Create a Manufacturing Knowledge Graph by defining equipment, materials, processes, and their relationships using a standardized schema.


Rules Engine

Evaluate data from all sources and create the events that define your processes and operations.



Create the workflows that define your unique business logic, transforming your data and rules into a real-time, event-driven Data Hub.


Apollo Router

Access your Manufacturing Knowledge Graph through a single, secure, self-discovering and documenting GraphQL API.



Drive real-time operational focus at any scale. You define the queries and their payload, taking development from months to minutes.


A True Manufacturing Data Hub

What is a manufacturing data hub? It’s a new kind of platform that centralizes all your manufacturing data into one system of record based on a standard schema, simplifying access to all of the data and events your operation produces.

Event-driven architecture

Tie data to operational processes based on your business rules to solve real manufacturing problems.

Real-time / Low-latency

Events and data are delivered to end-users and applications with minimum latency.

Standards-based modeling

Contextualize all your plant data in ISA-95 schema for faster iterations and development.

Cloud-native availability

High availability, rapid deployment, scalability, granular security – all without forcing users to the cloud.

No data silos

All data is available from one endpoint. Query development takes minutes, not weeks or months.


Take those defined standards and apply them to your business as you see fit.



Better collaboration starts with common language and ideals. Rhize is built to stay relevant as industry needs evolve and new technologies emerge.

Every other data platform is throwing tech at an unknown problem rather than starting with the problem and building the technology. Rhize starts with the problem. They know the language of manufacturing. And they save us loads of time and resources because we don’t have to build the solution ourselves.

Jordan Croteau

Sr. Director, Manufacturing & Facilities Systems


Orchestrate operational data at speed & scale

Rhize allows manufacturers to harness data in new ways with the unparalleled speed, power and capabilities of real-time, event-driven data orchestration.

Tap into the hive mind

Un-silo and centralize your data in a single, real-time system of record. Contextualize information into relevant events based on your custom business logic.

Accelerate innovation

Gain a new understanding of the relationships buried within your event-driven data and use it to improve innovation cycles around every one of them.

Scale on demand

Rhize’s effortless scalability makes multi-site deployments easy. As you grow, nodes get added to the system, simplifying updates and accelerating time-to-first-value.


How manufacturers  are using Rhize

Rhize has nearly unlimited application and can be used in a variety of ways across the full manufacturing spectrum.

Real-time Batch Records

Access a real-time, event-driven view of your batch manufacturing process—not just an end-of-batch record.

Integrated Track & Trace

Trace product history through each material, machine and human interaction, but with all supplier data integrated.

Event-Driven Workflows

Monitor plant and operations activity in real-time and generate events if a change in status occurs.

Enhanced OEE

Capture a holistic view of equipment downtime paired with throughput and quality— we call it MPM, Manufacturing Performance Management.


Simplify the scheduling process with a Gantt-based drag-and-drop interface that maintains the relationship between operations and phases

Warehouse Management

Extend the ISA-95 standard schema to WMS, giving you greater visibility and integration with MRP and ERP systems.

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