A better way to orchestrate CPG manufacturing data

Contextualize your operational data into meaningful events with Rhize—the world’s first real-time, event-driven manufacturing data hub for CPG manufacturing.


Build a real-time data model of your CPG or food & beverage operation

Trigger specific business process automation workflows based on a near-infinite number of real-time events defined by you.

Get an up-to-the-minute genealogical product record at your fingertips. Address quality excursions and causes for potential recalls before they become problems.

Ingest and process data at every stage of your production lines, allowing real-time monitoring of critical events, equipment status and material conditions.

Unlock decision-grade insights into complex data-driven relationships. Understand what’s currently happening in your operation across all production lines at every stage.

Connect Rhize via single API to any kind of purpose-built application you want, from business intelligence platforms to advanced AI/ML models.

Quality Assurance

Leverage real-time production records to get full visibility into and a better understanding of ingredient and product  quality.


Simplify complex production scheduling with a Gannt-based view informed by a comprehensive ISA-95 schema.


Capture a full view of downtime, production quality and throughput to improve equipment performance.

Use real-time data to transform everything

Leverage Rhize to build solutions and innovate across every area of your operation, from quality control to equipment efficiency to complex scheduling and beyond.


Unlock a better version  of your operation

Contextualize data into relevant events

Standardize all your equipment, materials, and process data using ISA-95 schema, and use it to identify event-based relationships between everything. All based on your unique business rules.

Build only the applications that matter

Empower IT and OT architects with real-time access to, and control over, your most meaningful, event-driven data. Build fit-for-purpose applications that target the most critical areas of operational performance and quality.

Innovate at production speeds

Achieve a dramatically broader and deeper understanding of what’s happening in your operation, both historically and in real-time—and align development and innovation cycles more closely with the pace of production.