From open-source tech to implementation support, Rhize works with industry leaders to create the world’s most advanced data management solution for manufacturing.

Graph DB

Dgraph is the simplest way to implement a GraphQL backend, and it’s what Rhize uses to store the ISA-95 schema, configurations and transactional data.

Time Series

Rhize stores your process data using the most open, scalable, performant time series engine on the market today.


More than just a REST replacement, the Rhize GraphQL API is a unified representation of all your data, operations, and capabilities, brought together into one searchable, browsable access point.


With Grafana, you can create, explore and share your operational and manufacturing data through customizable, flexible dashboards.

Low-Code Applications

Low-code platforms are revolutionizing and democratizing the way user interfaces are designed and built. AppSmith brings open source to low code.



NATS enables applications to securely communicate across any combination of cloud vendors, on-premise, edge, web and mobile, and devices. NATS consists of a family of open source products that are tightly integrated but can be deployed easily and independently.