The first manufacturing data hub for biopharma

Innovate at the speed of operations with Rhize—the world’s first real-time, event-driven manufacturing data hub for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.


Build a real-time data model of your biopharma operation

Continuously ingest and process data from various manufacturing stages, allowing real-time monitoring of critical events, equipment, and conditions.

Maintain GMP and trace batch history through each compound, machine, and human interaction, giving you an up-to-the-minute, moving picture of your entire production.

Trigger specific business process automation workflows based on a near-infinite number of real-time events defined by you.

Get decision-grade insights into complex data-driven relationships that help you understand what’s currently happening in your operation.

Connect Rhize via single API to any kind of purpose-built application you want, from business intelligence platforms to advanced AI/ML models.


Maintain the integrity of every production run with fully auditable plant data that allows you to keep packaging lines GMP compliant.

Quality Assurance

Enable real-time monitoring of quality metrics, catch deviations early, and triggering immediate corrective actions.


Leverage real-time batch records to get full visibility into and a better understanding around quality.

Innovate across biopharma

Rhize can be leveraged across biopharma and life sciences in numerous ways from vaccine production, to packaging, to quality control and beyond.


Change the way you use  manufacturing data

Identify meaningful relationships

Define everything from equipment to materials to processes and the relationships between them. Rhize contextualizes your entire process using ISA-95 standards, so you can ensure quality remains consistent at every site.

Tie insights to instant action

Latency can lead to dire consequences in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Rhize ties event data to business processes and delivers it all in real time. Know about a defect before the batch leaves the line, and trigger the process to solve the problem before it becomes a problem.

Orchestrate at production speeds

Rhize offers a new way for biopharmaceutical manufacturers to orchestrate their data. Build a better understanding of your entire business, so you can drive innovation, improve production times and scale to full market distribution.

Certified & Compliant for Use in Life Sciences